Hi, my name is Mitul

My goal is pretty simple, build great things with great people. If we can work together to achieve that, I'd love to chat 👋.


The Good Place



UX Developer


June 2021 - Present

Building the next step in democratizing investing, with lots of CSS, a ClojureScript based design system and a few musical puns along the way

Product Analyst


May 2019 - Mar 2020

Designed growth experiments to convert users from free to paid, built the sales operations and email-marketing playbook from the ground up

Operations Intern


May 2018 - Aug 2018

Led competitive research for all of Canada and supported the launch of 30 cities in 1 day through building courier acquisition campaigns

Product Lead Intern

CIBC Digital

Jan 2018 - Apr 2018

Built my foundational knowledge of product and led development of three consumer-facing MVPs to impact over 10 million CIBC clients

Strategy Intern

Bank of Montreal

May 2017 - Aug 2017



Built a platform to showcase your bookshelves using React Hooks, NextJS, and Chakra UI, while working alongside a backend developer and designer. We received 300+ sign ups, 1200+ visitors along with 600+ upvotes and 8 awards on Reddit.

Are You Balding

Built a campaign to find out if you're balding with Framer Motion & React to support the acquisition funnel for online pharmacies. Designed mockups and prototypes in Figma, and translated to code with advanced interactions & animations.


Over the past few years, I’ve been building my craft as a photographer. I managed to turn a hobby into a business, which allowed me to achieve goals I never thought I could. This included photographing the Uber CEO, being paid to travel and working with brands I love.

    Some notable accomplishments I'm proud to share

  • Every Google Pixel has one of my photos as a default wallpaper
  • Featured in Toronto's Metro News newspaper as an artist

  • Earned 20K within six months of 2019 – this was beyond my wildest dreams

Today, I’m more focused on improving my drone skills and becoming a better artist rather than growing my online presence. You can learn a little more by visiting my photography portfolio below.

CN Tower over the clouds
Looking up at the corner of a building in the financial district
Train passing by a building in Chicago
Long exposure of the Lake Shore Drive expressway in Chicago
Old school car constrasted upon a building in Chinatown New York


I love connecting with new people to learn from and am always more than willing to help with questions you may have.

Besides that, I enjoy talking about photography, abandoned side-projects, stocks that could make us bazillionaires, the psychology behind why we make poor decisions, or how Anthony Fantano made a mistake by giving MBDTF a 6/10.